Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Design and Manufacturing (AD 301)) • Important Question for Group B FDM : CAPP

Hi friend i want to guide you in real manner that is why i think when we start prepearing any subject like Fundamental design and manufacturing ( FDM ) atfirst you have to know what are the question may come in exam chapter-wise. so i start with CAPP because it is easy to learn also remember . Find bellow the question

What is a CAPP ? also describe its type .

How it superior to manual process planning ?

Explain the detail the integration of CAD CAM. What is the role of computer in this integration ?

What do you mean by Integration ? what does it differ from interfacing ?

What are the basic needs for integration ?

How does CAPP help in selection of machine tools ?

Describe the role of integration of ‘product’ and ‘process design’ for economic manufacturing .

What is CIM?

What are the capabilities that an CAPP system have ?

Please reply here if you add another question and your reply our satisfaction.
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