Tuesday, 21 August 2012

How to Remember Material science & engineering (AD302) for amie section a

Hi friend it is very difficult to remember subject like material science for amie student specially
who are involved with job.In AMIE the minimum cut-off marks is 50 out of 100. So we have to use some tricks to remember the topic which we are read.In my experience i am using some tricks, in this post i am discussing on that.

  • You should maintain separate note book for separate subject with syllabus pasted on first page.
  • Now follow the last five year question paper and write down the question on your note book chapter wise.
  • Select minimum chapter from where you can attain all question mark on that.
  • Start with first chapter before starting contain of that chapter read carefully the introduction of that chapter and try to understand what are you going to read in that chapter.
  • When you start reading any phase try to read loudly you should able to hear what you read.
  • Try to make keyword of that phase which you are read and try to remember that. for example in chapter of " Defect in Crystal " you study and you can make key word  like Point Defect, Line defect, Surface Defect, Burger Vector etc.
  • Try to discuss on that key word with your friend. if you have no friend try to make a post with those keyword on any amie related forum like http://www.amie.nbcafe.in/phpbb/.
  • When you try to remember any dry topic like list,category, equation arranged those and make a picture of that on your mind.
  • After reading when you going to sleep try to recall those keyword which you have studied. If forgotten then in next day start with that topic.  
  • You can use your mobile sound recorder to record which you are read and listen those in gap time in your job mainly when you are traveling with bus, train or anything else.
  • last you should practicing long time writing it will build your muscle strong for your exam and you can also remember those topic which you write for practicing.
If you find these tropic helpful then reply your comment.Those are the step you should follow for all AMIE subjects.


  1. the grammar is very poor, so if it can be improved please rewrite, best part is you have a very good concept and appreciate!!

    1. Hey, mind your grammar first. "very good concept and appreciate" r u serious??? Don't you know it should be "very good concept and i appreciate that".

  2. Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

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