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List of last ten years question for Group a of Fundamental design and Manufacturing

hi friend here I give you List of last ten years question for Group a of
Fundamental design and Manufacturing. Go through this question and prepare yourself with those. I think it will bring at least 30 marks out of 40 from Group a of Fundamental design and Manufacturing . Please add extra question you feel which is important and out of this list . It will help all........


Group A
1 Draw a flow chart showing different stages of engineering process.Explain why some stages are repeated several times.

2 Explain the ’morphology’ of design’. Discuss the phases of feasibility study, preliminary design, and detailed design

1 Explain the ’design for manufacturability’. State the guidelines to implement it.

2 Differentiate between standardization and specification appropriate example.
Design specification

3 Explain in brief 
  • 1) Robust design
  • 2)Roll of brainstorming in design idea generation.
4 Economic feasibility
Evolution of design

5 What are the tree category of failures? Illustrate graphically number of failures vs time.

6 How will you check the design for clarity, simplicity, and safety.

7 Compare the reliability of systems with components in series vs component in parallel. In a system, there are 10 components in series,each with a reliability factor of 0.95.What is the overall reliability of the system? If each of the 10 components is in parallel and has individual reliability factor of 0.30 only,what is the system reliability?

8 How are dissolved gases are removed from casting? List four casting defects.

9 With help of neat sketches, explain
  • Extrusion
  • wire Drawing process
10 Compare the cast and forge products of same geometry from the viewpoint of strength and quality.

11 What is the effect of lubrication on die (tool) life during drawing operation.

12 What are the principle modern engineering drawing? Discuss the same with a suitable example.

13 What do mean by Morphology of design? Illustrate with the help of example.

14 Design for manufacturing

15 Explain the sand casting process.discuss various material used for making pattern

16 what is the metal working? Discuss advantage of cold working over hot working.

17 What is the significance of re-crystallization temperature in metal working?Explain rolling process in brief.

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