Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Short note on Modularity of design

It is architecture of product which gives different model of product on different cost. Means customer can buys the product as per his budget and need. It can defined as 

”the property of functional flexibility built into the product by assembling discrete unites which can be joined to or arranged with other parts or modules”.

It can be categorized as

Component-sharing modularity:- This exists when a group of dissimilar products uses the same assembly or component. For example we see use of rechargeable batteries in digital camera. It reduces the coast of same and easy to handle.

Component-swapping modularity:- In this some additional facilities is given such as detachable and touch screen of laptop. means user can use the laptop as without keyboard as their requirements.

Cut to fit :- It’s best example of dress maker who first cut the cloth and make fit to defined shape and assemble those and finally gives a required dress.

Platform modularity:- In it products are manufactured on different platform technology. for example we can see in mobile wold whose platform are different such as Symbian which are generally used by NOKIA company and other is android platform which is normally used SAMSUNG or other companies. In those android is more popular now and their marketing is well now.

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