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Design and Manufacturing (AD 301)) • Purpose of process planning

Process planning deals with the selection of the processes and the determination of conditions of
the processes. The selected operations and conditions have to be realized in order to transform raw material into a given shape. All the specifications and conditions of operations are included in the process plan. The process plan is a document such as engineering drawing. Both the engineering drawing and the process plan present the basic document for the manufacturing of products.

Process planning meaningly influences time to market and productions cost. Therefore the planning activities have a great meaning for competitive advantage

Process planning is the planning activity of an engineer or a planner. One can see planning activities in various application areas, for example:

food industry,

chemistry industry,

building industry

engineering industry.

In the engineering industry following activities for various technologies are planned:





heat treating,


The product is manufactureble in many ways. Manufacturing methods depend on several parameters of part and production:

geometrical properties (shape and dimensions) of part,

material properties of part,

total amount of parts,


available manufacturing equipment,

production facilities,

constraints of manufacturing environment,

time to manufacture,

cost to manufacture.
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