Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What does you mean for design for safety and what are the necessary step you take for that?

To provide safety of user while using the product is responsibility of designer. If any accident has occurred while using the product the user may demand the compensation, because it is also mention our constitution. Compensation varies country to country. Many times we have seen about compensation which is announced by railway administration for injured person in trains accident. Because responsibility to safety in train journey is of railway railway administration and this accident occurs due to failure railway system. This is also valid for products or building etc. It means designer will stop to design the product or any other? NO. They will design but with considering design for safety which will reduce the responsibility. Thus we can say that design for safety is tool of reducing the responsibility of designer. Following points should always be kept in mind at the time of designing or manufacturing.

Quality control:- manufacturer can provide the safety to user by maintained the quality control.
Safety devices:- Designer/manufacturer should install some safety devices such as safety valve in case of car.
Sensor :- Designer can provide safety after installing the sensor in case of lift etc.
By considering the safety of factor :- It is the ratio of maximum load which can bear by machine to applied load i.e. working load. Suppose working load of machine is 20 KN/mm with safety of 1.5 then machine will design for 1.5 X 20 KN/mm = 30 KN/mm.
By considering ignorance and negligence.:- In case of mobile, manufacturer provides following points
Initially charge the mobile minimum 6 hours
Keep away from water/moisture
always charge the mobile before full discharged.
Avoid shock load etc..

Answered by vivek
student OCC (Online coaching Class)

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