Wednesday, 2 October 2013

How does need analysis help to build a good product design? Explain with example

Suppose we have to manufacture a mobile and following are the customer needs, we have got after primary identification of need :- 

  • seamless communication 
  • sms 
  • videos 
  • recording videos as well voice 
  • gaming 
  • internet facilities 
  • camera 

Now at the time of manufacturing of mobile, following points should be kept in mind:- 

  • Don not impose any solution on the customer because they are \”the real user\”. Here,any above mentioned need could not be left on our mobile customer. We have to provide all the mentioned facilities. 
  • Avoid communication gap as much as possible between various agencies or company :-we have to communicate various agencies who are engage in manufacturing our type of mobile. If any will be there, then can adopt their technology, or any other. 
  • Always keep in mind for future need:- we have to think facilities may be expected by our mobile in future. Such as 3G SIM and 64 GB memory card supportable. 
  • Check suitability of need:- We have to analyze that our mobile have above mentioned facilities or not. If any missing means redesign have to do. 
  • Check environment friendly :- Now, we check , can use customer our mobile comfortably in their environment? and is our mobile environment friendly? 
  • Do not avoid any Govt. rule :- We have to follow all the rules regarding mobile manufacturing. Otherwise, customer can not use our mobile comfortably. 

Now, we have to analyze our following purposes:- 
Degree of accuracy of our mobile 
Standard quality of mobile 
Good out looking 
Easy to operate our mobile and 
Easy to manufacture it. 

Now we are ready to manufacture our product.

Answered by vivek
student OCC (Online coaching Class)

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