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Hi friend we know COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS in AMIE SEC A is litile bit tough for some of you. so we start discussing on this subject. here i start with STUDY NOTES ON AMIE SEC A COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS and follow my posts i will add more post on this subject


Now begin with the word ‘compute’. What does it means? It means ‘to calculate’.Now it

is obvious that we all are familiar with calculations in our daily life. In daily life we do lots of mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. and many other formula for calculations. Simpler calculations take less time. But complex calculations take much longer time. Another factor is accuracy in calculations. It is a more important thing in calculation. So man explored with the idea to develop a machine which can perform this type of arithmetic calculation faster and with full accuracy. This gave birth to a device or machine called ‘computer’.
The computer we see today is quite different from the one made in the beginning. The number of applications of a computer has increased, the speed and accuracy of calculation has increased. You must appreciate the impact of computers in our day to day life. Reservation of tickets in Air Lines and Railways, payment of telephone and electricity bills, deposits and withdrawals of money from banks, business data processing, medical diagnosis, weather forecasting, etc. are some of the areas where computer has become extremely useful.
However, there is one limitation of the computer. Human beings do calculations on their own. But computer is a dumb machine and it has to be given proper instructions to carry out its calculation. This is why we should know how a computer works. 


After going through this lesson you will be in a position to
define a computer
identify characteristics of computer
know the origin and evolution of computer
identify capability of computer in terms of speed and accuracy
distinguish computer from human beings and calculator
identify the role of computer
appreciate the evolution of computer through five generations

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