Saturday, 17 August 2013

Only Receive Study material from IEIndia can I seat for coming Exam in AMIE?

It is another Question which every new comer faces every time that Only Receive Study material from IEIndia can I seat for coming Exam in AMIE? Answer is yes you can. Look it is right Ieindia first send study material which containing four books. 

Those are
1. Fundamental of design and Manufacturing
2. Material Science and Engineering
 3. Computing and Informatics
4. Society and Environments.

Every time they send Photo Identity / Membership Card Separately. It creates lot of problem like you are confused that are you able to form fill up for next exam or not? It has two solutions.
  •    Remember for examination form fill up you need membership number which is written in your Photo Identity card. But it is also written in SMS which IEIndia send to you when your membership is resister. Please search it form your Mobile inbox and fill up the examination form.
  •   If you delete those than last option is go to IEIndia site and download latest membership list and find your name and see the Membership Number and Fill Up your examination form. Now How to download Membership list click on this link . In case you were register before or after this mansion date do on trick for register before decrement the ICNC-144.pdf number to find your approx. date of registration like ICNC-143.pdf . If your registration date was after ICNC-144.pdf then increment the number.

Hope I will make clear to you and go for that and do not waste your time first do form fill up and then wait for Membership card to come. Generally you can expect that it will come before your exam.

In worst case if you not receive Membership Card before your Exam then also do not take tension there has some option to seat at exam for that please see my previous post click on that  ID Card Not Received How to appear in Exam for AMIE ?

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