Sunday, 25 August 2013


Hi friend in my previous blog I have discussed the detail procedure of AMIE SECTION B
Registration of all Engineering branches. I already discussed what is necessary things while the filling up of the AMIE Section B Registration form. Those who does not see the above said procedure then please see the link to know the detail procedure.

Many students of AMIE asked us in our forum and facebook page that is Engagement certificate is necessary while filling up the AMIE Section B registration form? Today I am discussed about that.

Many candidates do AMIE without job. In Section A there is nothing in Engagement details in the registration form. So when a candidate enter to do AMIE they does not give engagement certificate.  But though AMIE is a professional course which is running by IEI (INDIA). So when you pass Sec A and enters to the Sec B then you have to give the engagement certificate by your employer. The engagement certificate must be filled by the higher authority of your employer. In this engagement certificate contains which  should be filled by your higher authority are like Name and address of the organization, nature of the organization, nature of activities of your company, No of employees in the company and lastly he should certify you that you are working in his / her company. And finally he should sign the form and give the designation of his / her post and write the IEI membership no. if he does not have any membership no then he / she should write that position is “NIL”. Finally a seal of the organization must be stumped in the proper position.

If any does not have any job then he / she must be sign any temporary company  / organization. Becasuse IEI is a institute for professionals. But IEI does not verify that where you are working. So you can give any company with a seal.

Hope you understand. Please reply if it is helpful to you. 

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