Sunday, 18 August 2013

How to see and understand the result of AMIE?

It is most questionable think in AMIE that How to see and understand the result of AMIE? Look you know that AMIE is completely online distance mode education system. Whatever
you need help, get form any online blog like us or different online student forum and also facebook group. But for getting result you need at list notification that when result is being declared. For result date notification again you have to depend on different source like which i previously mansion. So to relief or help you some extent we now create a systems please subscribe your email id in bellow box. You will receive one mail containing one confirmation link for verification. Click on verification link and verify yourself now you will get Result notification
to your email id whenever it published and also get every update like study material, Question paper Upload and MHRD approval issue.

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Now you will get the Result notification to your email but understanding of result is also tough.

Some time you will see only written Pass on the result box. It means you pass complete section A or Section B. If you clear Section A now you will able to register you for Section B.

Some time you will see written AD301, AD303 but you are given
for paper at a time means AD301, AD302, AD303, and AD304. It means you just pass AD301 and AD303. And next time when you seat for exam you not need to give AD 301 and AD 303. I have to give only AD 302 and AD 304. when ever you pass AD 302 and AD 304, your Section A will be completed. Now you can able to register for Section B.

Some time you will see blank in result box what does it means?

It means you not clear any paper for this semester try again on next semester. May I can give some idea on how to check result. If till have any query post bellow on reply I will clarify you.


  1. this time its showing


    What its mean

  2. It means you not clear any paper. Ok prepare yourself for next sem we are with you

  3. Thank you very much. It is clear.


  4. My result shows PASS. What does it means. Not showing subject code.

  5. My result shows "Not passed in any subject." what does it mean?