Monday, 22 April 2013

Start preparation with Fundamental Design and Manufacturing

Hi friend I am try to Start this topic as a online coaching for all amie student who are fight to
clear there subject with there own busy schedule and i want active participation of all. First we are start with Fundamental Design and manufacturing AD301.

Now Question is How to Pass the Subject ?

You have to attain Group A (2 Question), Group b (2 question).

Start with Group A It is a much easier than Group B . Mind in Fdm not carry the mark like other subject very deicult to get good score so for passing you have

to attain all 4 Question from Group a and Group B

For Group A if we analysis then we found every year we got

1 Question from Engineering Design Process and its structure

1 Question from Needs,Morphology,brainstorming,evaluation of design

1 Question from Casting Process

1 Question from Manufacturablity / Sort Note.

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